1) Family Picture.  Here is a recent picture of our family, including Winston our cat.  It’s still strange to not have Daniel here in the picture with us!

2) Grade School Library Class.  Debbie is shown here teaching the first grade library class.

3) Rainy Season.  From the end of April to the beginning of May we were getting very heavy rains, but the rains have evened out a bit more recently.  This picture was taken during one of the heaviest storms, during which we received 4.3 inches of rain in a span of about six hours. Needless to say, I (Ed) got rather soaked taking this picture.

4) Crevasses in the Valley.  A friend of ours let us use this picture for our letter.  Recently, there was an earthquake with some shifting and settling in the valley, though our family didn’t feel it.  With the recent heavy rains, these crevasses have begun to appear in various places in the valley as the ground is washed into these cracks (some rather large, as you can see).

5) Interims.  Jonnie and Jennie were each able to go on week-long educational trips at the end of last term, called Interims.  The junior and senior students sign up to participate in one of fourteen different trips around Kenya and some surrounding countries.  The students have the opportunity for a fun mix of ministry and experiences while they interact with various people and cultures.  Jennie went to Malindi on the coast of Kenya, while Jonnie went to Uganda.  Here he is bungee jumping over the Nile River.

6) Tennis Baseball.  Last term Jon and a good friend of his had the opportunity to coach a team of kindergarten through six-grade students in an RVA sport called tennis baseball.  It’s a game kind of like baseball, but students hit tennis balls with a tennis racquet rather than a bat, and everyone gets a chance to bat every inning.  Fun to play, and fun to watch, too!

7-9) Advanced Art Students.  These three pictures show several of Ed’s Advanced Art I and II students (including Jon and Jennie) working on their projects.  Jennie is sculpting a hand; and Jonnie is working on a Victorian Style house, a project that took over fifty hours of working time to complete.

10) Gigantic bubble.  Jonnie and a young friend from next door had a lot of fun one day creating huge bubbles, some over ten feet long.

11) Soccer Goalies.  Jennie made the varsity soccer team this past term and played goalie.  Here she is with two friends and fellow goalies.  The girl on the right is a good friend of Jennie’s who was the JV goalie, and the girl on the left is a short-term missionary who played goalie on her college soccer team.  She spent many hours coaching and encouraging Jennie and her friend in their goalie positions.

12) League Champs!  The girls’ varsity soccer team won the league championship this year.  The team was a strong team with such excellent defense that Jennie didn’t see as much action in the goal as she would have liked during league games (which is not necessarily a bad thing!)  She worked hard defending the goal during practice, though, and often came home from practice covered with mud and bruises!

It is nice to be able to share a few pictures and thoughts so that you can get a little of the flavor of life here at Rift Valley Academy.  We enjoy the opportunities the Lord has opened up to work with these young people.  We so appreciate the team the Lord has called together to make it possible for us to be here for Him.  We love you and thank you for all you do for us!

Much love in Jesus,

Ed, Debbie, Jonnie & Jennie