April Letter 2013

Here is our scrapbook from this past term to now (January through April).  We apologize in advance for some of the pictures being a bit over crowded, but we thought it would be good to give an idea of the events instead of being able to identify every person.

1.  Roofing the church at the IDP Camp.  The fundis (carpenters) are putting on the last few sheets of mabati (corrugated metal).  Just in time, too!  If you look in the background, you will see a torrential rainstorm going through the valley.

2.  Circuit rider and his wife?  How many of you have had the speaker arrive for the Sunday morning service on a piki (motorcycle)?  Debbie and I went to the Tree Church at the IDP Camp where I spoke three out of the four Sundays this past break.  We found some creative ways to travel down to the church.

3.   Easter Sunday church service. The church family gathered for a picture in front of the new church building.  Two weeks later, we met inside for our first indoor service.  The long rains have come, so the timing was perfect!

4. & 5.  Varsity Girls Soccer Team.  Here they are having fun at their post-season supper.  Their team won the league championship, and Jennie enjoyed her position as goalie.

6.  Titchie Tennis Baseball Team.  Jon coached a team of elementary students in this fun and unique RVA game (kind of like baseball but played with a tennis ball and tennis racquet instead of a baseball and bat).  He and his team had a lot of fun no matter what the score was.

7.  Uganda Interim.  Every year, juniors and seniors, accompanied by RVA staff members, participate in week-long educational experiences to various locations around East Africa.  Jennie chose the Uganda interim this year, which included, helping at an orphanage, painting at a school on an island on Lake Victoria, bungee jumping and rafting the Nile.

8.  Rafting the Nile.  One of the activities on the Uganda interim was rafting the Nile.  Here Jennie and her group are heading down into a set of rapids.  She is the one in the turquoise shirt, next to the young lady who is in the process of doing a face plant.  Everyone had a great time.

9.  Northern Kenya Interim.  Jonathan chose the Northern Kenya interim, which included exposure to the surrounding people groups and cultures, camel riding, rafting, kayaking, zip lining and rock climbing.

10.  Mudslide!  On Friday evening, April 26th, we received 5 ½ inches of rain in four hours–a torrential downpour!  At 3:00 a.m. on Saturday morning, there was a huge mudslide right next to Rift Valley Academy.  Pictured here are the guard trail and the destroyed security fence on one edge of the campus (the AIC Church side). Unfortunately, many of the Kenyan families in the surrounding community have suffered the loss of homes, possessions and crops, and sadly, one family lost three little girls.  If the Lord puts this community on your heart, we would so appreciate prayer for them and for the healing that only He can bring.

11.   Train tracks above RVA.   The train tracks that run just above the RVA campus were blocked and partially torn out by the mudslide.  The tunnel that can be seen here was completely filled in, and some of the train rails were found quite a distance down the hill.  This was just one of many mudslides of this past weekend.  Of the four access roads leading into Kijabe, only one was still open on Saturday; the other three had been washed out or blocked by the mudslides.  Today (Monday) a second road is again open.

Thank you again for all your involvement in our lives and our ministry here at RVA.  We appreciate your words of encouragement and support.  Soon we will see many of you as we are preparing to return to the States for a year as Jonathan and Jennie begin their first year of college.  We love you.

Much love in Jesus,

Ed, Debbie, Jon and Jennie